It's your time.

Don't waste it reinventing the wheel.
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There's a ton of voice options for your busines.  On-prem, hosted, Cloud/SaaS.  We help you narrow it down to 2 or 3 after a 30 minute conversation with us - then provide you our negotiated rates and help you choose.  At no cost to you.
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Video Conferencing is all the rage.  If you need a simple, reliable solution without breaking the bank, there's options.  We help you narrow it down, provide you our negotiated rates, and help you choose. At no cost to you.  
We have multiple locations and will be opening a European presence.  There were a ton of options for us. AcceptVoice quickly narrowed it down without the hassle of dealing with a ton of vendors.  They're awesome - and free!  You'd be crazy not to use them!

Rachel Decker Flagship Properties, Inc.

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You send text messages and use chat applications in your personal life all the time.  Why not at work?  If it'll help your business, we'll help you choose and negotiate a solution that captures the right instant message and chat feature. At no cost to you.
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Mobile & Disaster Ready.  

We live in a mobile world.  Your company communications easily can too without extra phone numbers, forwarding, or other hacks.  We'll help you choose a disaster recovery solution to keep your communications up and running when your office building isn't.  At no cost to you.
I wanted a single solution for voice, video, and eventually messaging.  There were a ton of options, a ton of sales reps, and just too much to digest.  Ryan and the team at AcceptVoice really simplified things for us and sped up the process.  We recommend them to everyone we speak with.

Sam Richardson Krane Logistics

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