How do we do it?

 There's no such thing as a free lunch, right?  True.  But someone else can certainly buy you lunch.

Lucky for you as a potential VoIP customer, that's exactly what the vendors are doing.

We've negotiated a fee with all of the vendors that have built a viable solution.  Whoever you choose pays us a fee directly for bringing them a new customer.  

To us, it doesn't matter which vendor you choose so long as you're satisfied with your choice and refer AcceptVoice to your friends and IT colleagues who are kicking off a VoIP project!

So let us help you navigate the busy waters of the VoIP market - at no cost to you.  Book a meeting with us by filling in the form to the right. 





Ryan Shea


Ryan leads the operation.  He's spent years in the field and knows how to find the right solution for the right client.  Even if you don't meet Ryan, he's behind the scenes helping to make sure every single client gets lined up with the right vendor and company communications system.  

Favorite saying: "I'm on Cloud 9!"